About Dungeness Communications, Inc.

Dungeness Communications, Inc., has been one of Rob's behind-the-scene web development partners since 1999. We are also family. Pete Stuart-Lovell is Rob's older brother.

We loved working for Rob because it always meant working for "the good guys." Naturally it was challenging because Rob was always on the leading edge, quick to adopt any new web technology, and quick to promise that we could do whatever it was. In the end we always made it happen and we were working with him at the time of his death.

Anyway, in addition to a big hole in our hearts, we also lost one of our main sources of employment. If any of you "good guys" reading this message have web needs, we would sure appreciate it if you would give us a call at 360-681-2076 or e-mail web@dungeness.com.

Thank you,

Pete and Hall Stuart-Lovell
Dungeness Communications, Inc.

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