Common Waters Fund

October 1, 2010 - October 26, 2011

The Common Waters Fund helps forest landowners in the Upper Delaware River Watershed improve the management of and conserve their private forest lands. Forests in the Upper Delaware River watershed are essential to maintaining the extraordinary water quality of the Delaware River. Even though there are 15 million people rely on the Delaware River for clean drinking water, historically, there are limited resources available to private landowners in the region to help them manage and conserve their forests. The Common Waters Fund fills this gap.

The Common Waters Fund provides incentives to qualifying landowners to implement forest stewardship plans, forest management practices, and/or conservation easements. These activities protect water quality by improving the health of forests, increasing the economic viability of forests so landowners can afford to keep their forest as forest, and permanently protecting forests with conservation easements. Managing and protecting the forests in the Upper Delaware River watershed maintains the quality of this water, keeping treatment costs and water rates in check for water users.

People Involved: 
Laurie Stuart
People Involved: 
Hall Stuart-Lovell
People Involved: 
Pete Stuart-Lovell
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