February 27, 2007 - May 31, 2007

Philadelphia has a history of being “corrupt and contented.” The 2007 Mayoral and City Council elections were a chance to change that. was an initiative to help inform and engage Philadelphians about reform issues for the May 2007 election.

Reform comes from an informed electorate so Evolve created an interactive interface to help engage voters. A ‘Reform Agenda’ was created by dozens of supporters who logged into a wiki to add to and edit content. Points to include in the final agenda were then voted upon. Finally voters could see candidate responses to the Reform Agenda to print a Reform Ballot to take to the polls.

Over 500 Philadelphians signed on in support. A map of supporters by zip code was automatically generated as people signed. A majority of candidates for City Council and all Mayoral candidates responded to the Reform Agenda. Numerous newspaper and online sources noted our new experiment in 'Wiki-Government'.

People Involved: 
Rebecca Cesarz
People Involved: 
Hall Stuart-Lovell
People Involved: 
Pete Stuart-Lovell
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