Mark Stier Campaign 2007

January 1, 2007 - May 31, 2007

Marc Stier is a long-time community leader in Philadelphia known for his important issue-advocacy work. In 2007 he ran a grassroots campaign for City Council at Large.

As an independent Democratic candidate Marc Stier needed to maximize exposure with limited funds and party support. Evolve created a website, podcasts, and video that help garner support and mobilize his base.

Evolve produced a site and multimedia content which received over 250,000 hits and averaged over 100 unique visitors a day during the height of the campaign. The easy-to-use backend allowed to campaign staff to add photos, events, press releases, and articles to the site keeping supporters updated and connecting new visitors.

People Involved: 
Rebecca Cesarz
People Involved: 
Hall Stuart-Lovell
People Involved: 
Pete Stuart-Lovell
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